Culture plays a huge role in Aldaeir, from shaping your character’s race and class to setting the flavor of the entire campaign. Below you will find a brief description of each of the predominant cultures, with links to complete pages detailing every aspect of life in the chosen culture.


The Gnomes and Immortals that live in the giant floating cities above the clouds encircling Aldaeir, the Burani are aloof masters of technology. Caste and rank are very important to them, and the pursuit of scientific knowledge is at the forefront of every endeavor – and the cause of many catastrophes. Religion for the Burani is not a matter of thanksgiving or penance but of avoidance: prayers are said not in times of gratefulness or need, but to dark gods to avoid disaster.


An offshoot of the Thorodrin, the Ebseli began as a group of criminals exiled to the harsh Ebsel Archipelago, where they learned to fish, sail, and wage war from the waters. All Ebseli children are taught to man a boat from a very young age, and every citizen of age can be called upon in times of war to form the fearsome Endless Armada. Pan-Theists, the Ebseli worship Nature as the beginning, end, and purpose of all life, focusing especially on and personified in the sea.


Poets, warriors, statesmen, and thinkers are all celebrated in the Ischyrian culture, which arose almost entirely from the teachings of Thyrius, the first Philosopher King. Organized into semi-autonomous city-states, some scholars argue that there is no unified Ischyros at all, though most agree that the shared history, religion, and ultimate government unquestionably groups these people into one culture. The Ischyros have a complex belief, sharing monotheistic and polytheistic traits and including the worship of nature deities, culture deities, ascended philosopher kings, and an arch-god known only as The Good.

Jin Shi

The exotic and mystical Jin Shi were the first civilization to arise on Aldaeir, though some argue that the Burani predated them by hundreds of years, remaining hidden above the clouds. Regardless, the Jin Shi are a very old civilization, with thousands of years of arts and sciences behind them. They are animists, beliving that everything and everyone has a spirit that lives on in the realm of the gods, and worship their ancestors, nature spirits, and the like.


About one hundred years ago, the proud desert-dwelling Kalamaat were conquered by the armies of the Jin Shi. Though now officially a state of the Jin Shi empire, the Kalamaat still hold to their old traditions of nomadic desert and savannah life, following herds of Bullettes over vast tracts of territory. The Kalamaat were animists long before their defeat by the Jin Shi, and though it is generally believed that the two cultures’ religions arose from the same gods, there are marked differences between them now.


The hearty Thorodrin of the Denterra mountains are a strict, spartan society with a love of battle and drink. It is said that Aldaeir’s bardic tradition began in one of the many Mead Halls of these mountains during a particularily long-lasting Ischyrian seige. The Thorodrin believe in a pantheon of wise gods known as the Addamastarthes who dwell in the centre of the world and drive its motion from the core.


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