Primal Darknesses

The Primal Darknesses are a pantheon of the raw evil in the universe, and worshiped by the Burani, although more out of fear than reverence. Although there are innumerable lesser evil spirits that make up this pantheon, six beings among them are generally seen as the rulers among the damned gods.

Brakkli’iliam (Intermediate God)

Unclean One, the Plaguebringer p. Symbol A chaotic pattern resembling a rat p. Alignment NE p. Portfolio Disease, Gluttony, Oozes, Cities p. Favored Weapon Festerer (a Spiked Chain) p. Brakkli’iliam is believed to be the first spirit to conceive of killing another creature to increase himself. He became so obsessed with the idea that he emanated all manners of infections and malaires that weaken their victim to strengthen themselves. He is also attributed with the creation of cities, but whether this is simply because of the unclean nature of the city, or because he

Haemstrithi (Lesser God)

Ma’alkabroth (Greater Goddess)

Randamrlog (Intermediate God)

Vontsrainlak (Lesser Goddess)

Yeshtin (Lesser God)

Primal Darknesses

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