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...we’ve got it all. Intrigue in back rooms and violence in back alleys. High adventure over the seas and over the skies. Plundering hordes and plodding through wastelands. Fearsome monsters and yes, flying gnomes. Aldaeir is a world that is diverse as our own, a world where no story is too incredible, no character too strange, and nothing is impossible.


The basic theme of Aldaeir is culture. Whether they are elves, men, or dwarves, the nomads of the Kalam Desert are fundamentally different from the exotic Jin Shi of the mysterious West. Where one has scouts, the other has ninja. Not that you couldn’t find a Kalamic ninja, but you’d know that said ninja has a very interesting past.


Take your game wherever you want to. With distinct cultures and locales ranging from the traditional to the insane, any campaign can be run and woven into the greater history of Aldaeir. Whether you want an old-school dragonslaying romp through the lost cities of the Al Madrez or a cloak and dagger game of intrigue through the parlors of the Gnomish elite, there is room aplenty for your adventure.

Familiarity and Novelty

Anything and everything from the Dungeons and Dragons game fits into Aldaeir, and yet fits in odd and unexpected ways. A tribe of Yakfolk eke out an existence in the Red Mountains, Elves and Dwarves may be mortal enemies in one area, yet trusted allies in another, and gnome artificers float over the world in their colossal flying cities. You will find everything you are used to, but may not recognize it when you do.


Enter a world where the gods make their existence manifest and unquestionable, and yet are questioned at every turn. Ranging from the all-accepting moderates of the Marble City to the Kalam nomads, animists decrying all gods as powerful magi impersonating the True Spirits, different parts of the world worship different gods, and may even wage war against heretics who proclaim another divinity’s might. What’s more, the various planes of the multiverse play an important aspect in life on Aldaeir. No longer are the gods removed to lofty corners of the multiverse – rather, all planes are coterminous with the material and are easy to access. The principle deity of the area you are in when you travel, however, determines exactly where in the multiverse you end up.

So grab your sword, your bow, your wands, your shields, and your all-important 50’ of rope and prepare to go where no one has gone before. Welcome to excitement, welcome to culture shock, welcome to Aldaeir!

Home Page

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